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Nanosized Nickel Powders Synthesized by a Reduction Method Assisted by Ultrasound

  • : Cabanas-Polo, S1
  • : 1Instituto de Ceramica y Vidrio
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Many efforts have been devoted recently to synthesize nickel particles within the nanometer range mainly due to the important applications of nickel in functional and structural devices. Compared to noble metals, synthesis of nickel nanoparticles through chemical reduction methods presents several difficulties due to its tendency to aggregate and re-oxidize during the reaction procedure. However, nickel nanoparticles can be obtained in water or polyol solvents using hydrazine as reduction agent, high temperatures and long-time processes. In this work, nickel powders were synthesized by a reduction method assisted by ultrasound in an organic solvent. Hydrazine monohydrate was used as reduction agent and the synthesis carried out at normal conditions of pressure and temperature in short periods of time. Nanosized nickel powders were characterized by XRD and FE-SEM and the influence of synthesis additives (PVP) in particle size and morphology was evaluated.

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