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Means to Enhance Machinability of Low Alloyed PM Steels

  • : Engström, Ulf1
  • : 1Höganäs Sweden AB
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Powder metallurgy is a manufacturing method able to produce components to near net shape. However, in many cases machining operations are required to obtain desired geometry, tolerances and surface finish of the component. The machinability of a PM component is to a great extent influenced by the material characteristics such as alloy composition, machining additives and the microstructure including porosity evolved from the production process parameters used during compaction and sintering. However, it is also influenced by all parameters concerning the machining operation, i.e. tool grade and geometry, cutting speed, feed rate and machining mode. Therefore, to ensure a cost effective manufacturing these parameters need to be optimized for each specific application. This paper describes different means to optimize machinability of some commonly used sintered low alloy PM steels. The influence of cutting parameters, tool materials and machinability enhancing additives will be described.

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