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Preliminary Investigations on the Use of Preceramic Polymers to Produce Metal Matrix Composites, Via Powder Metallurgy Techniques

  • : Biasetto, L1
  • : 1Universita di Padova DTG
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Ceramic-reinforced metal matrix composites were produced by means of preceramic polymers, as precursors for the ceramic phase, and powders of metal alloy as matrix. The use of preceramic polymers as precursors for a reinforcing ceramic phase in metallic components represents a well known technique to produce 3D interpenetrating composites. However, it was poorly investigated so far. Only few results were published in literature, concerning the use of polycarbosilane in Ti or Fe-Cr alloys. In the present work the use of a polysiloxanes, as precursor for a SiOC reinforcing and/or reacting phase, dispersed within a metal matrix is reported. Commercial metal alloys? powders are investigated.

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