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Effect of Silicon on the Mechanical Properties of WC-Ni Hard Metal

  • : Lee, G-G1
  • : 1Pukyong National University
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


The purpose of this study is to analyze effect of silicon on mechanical properties of WC-Ni system hard metal. The WC-Ni-B4C-Si system hard metals with fixed amount of B4C were prepared by the combination of the mechanical milling and liquid phase sintering processes. Changes in microstructure, hardness and fracture toughness according to the addition of silicon were analyzed through SEM, XRD, hardness and transverse rupture tests. Consequently, additions of Si and B4C to the WC-Ni hard metal formed BNi3 and Ni3Si phases having high hardness, and these phases restrained the growth of WC particle. The hardness of WC-Ni hard metal was kept constantly up to 0.6 wt.% Si, and then it showed the tendency to increase from the level of 0.9 wt.% Si. The transverse rupture strength (TRS) of the WC-Ni hard metal showed an increasing trend with increasing silicon content due to particle growth restriction of WC and decrease of the mean free path between WC particles.

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