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Fusion Tungsten Carbide Powder for Matrix of Diamond Drilling Tools

  • : Orban, R1
  • : 1Technical University of Cluj Napoca
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Developing some previous author?s investigation, the paper presents results of researches performed in order to establish, on the basis of W-C phase diagram and by both thermodynamic and experimental approaches, the possibilities, conditions and influence of technological parameters of Fusion Tungsten Carbide (FTC) elaboration by reactive synthesis. Being a W2C-WC quasi-eutectoid mixture, its elaboration involves W2C and WC synthesis, which was established as being possible by SHS from a stoichiometric W-C powder mixture. A temperature over ~2500 ?C is necessary for the synthesis reaction ignition, but subsequent melting of the formed W2C/WC occurs due to the evolved heat. Both high heating and cooling rates are necessary to suppress WC uncontrolled formation at heating, respectively W2C decomposition at cooling to room temperature. Finally, appropriate wet-grinding conditions have to be adopted for its obtaining as powder of the requested particle size.


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