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Wear Resistance of cBN-Containing Cemented Carbides

  • : Hirsch, A1
  • : 1Sandvik Hard Materials UK
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Cemented carbides are often used in applications that demand high wear resistance. Reducing binder content is a common way to increase wear resistance, but at the cost of losing fracture toughness. Sandvik Hard Materials successfully has tested the concept of adding a superhard material, cubic boron nitride (cBN), to conventional cemented carbide grades to achieve an improved performance in abrasive applications with well-balanced toughness. Main focus of the research work was to investigate the effect of cBN addition on the performance of cemented carbide potential for various applications. cBN content, grainsize and specific coating were selected to meet the grade application as well as the liquid phase sintering cycle to consolidate the product. Different types of cubic boron nitride and cemented carbide grades were tested. Wear resistance was measured using a setup according to ASTM B611. Wear resistance could be improved significantly, reaching up to 85 % better performance.

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