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Advanced High-Strength Nanostructured Al-Zn-Mg Alloys Produced by New Rapid Solidification Technology

  • : Rabin, P B1
  • : 1Ural Electrod Institute
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


A modified water atomization process (WA) followed by powder consolidation was used to produce deformable, heat-treatable Al-Zn-Mg alloys. The structure changes of alloys containing slightly soluble refractory metals (Mn, Cr, Zr, Ti) to form precipitates and insoluble elements (Ni, Co, rare-earths) to form intermetallic phases were analyzed. Rapid solidification of Al?5Zn?3Mg-based alloy powders resulted in the formation of a non-dendritic structure with an average grain size of 1.0 ?m, corresponding to cooling rates up to 106 K/s. Al?5Zn?3Mg-based alloys were characterized by a non-recrystallized structure after plastic deformation and subsequent heating to 550 0C. Extrusion at 300-400 0C led to a cellular dislocation structure. Particles sizes of strengthening phases were in the range of 4?5 nm. The ultimate tensile strength of the developed alloys is at a level of 575?650 MPa and HV hardness 1600?1860 MPa at sufficient plasticity up to 11.

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