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Multipolar Anisotropy and Domain Semicircular Alignment in Sintered Strontium Hexaferrite Shaped by PIM Technology

  • : Nikolic, M V1
  • : 1Institute for Multidisciplinary Research
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Multipolar anisotropy was induced in strontium hexaferrite green samples in a high intensity magnetic field during feedstock injection by PIM (powder injection molding) technology. Strontium hexaferrite particles in the melted feedstock were multipolarly aligned into four semi-circular paths that were circularly closed through a multipolar electromagnet. After debinding (with acetone and thermally) and sintering (optimized to obtain maximal values of the (BH)max product), samples were multipolarly magnetized again to form four poles on the outer surface of the sample. Multipolar anisotropy of the samples was observed and analyzed in detail by SEM and AFM (crystalline alignment) and by MFM (magnetical alignment).

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