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Production of Silver Powders by Prep Atomization

  • : Karakulak, E1
  • : 1Kocaeli University
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


In this study different sized silver powders were produced by Plasma Rotating Electrode Process (PREP). Two different rotation speeds were used to obtain different powder median sizes. After production the powders were classified according to their size using a sieve analysis. The microstructures and morphologies of the powders were investigated using optical and electron microscopy. To understand the solidification characteristics of the powders secondary dendrite arm spacings (SDAS) of the different sized particles were measured. It is reported that silver particle size decreased with increasing rotation speed and SDAS decreased with decreasing particle size. Amorph (featureless) structure was also observed in fine (below 43 ?m) particles.

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