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Properties and Microstructure of W-Mo-Cu Composites

  • : Kuang, Y1
  • : 1Advanced Technology & Materials Co Ltd
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Various components of W/Mo powders were mixed and cold-isostatic pressed. After high-temperature sintered, W-Mo skeletons with various components and densities were infiltrated by molten copper. The microstructure and properties of W-Mo-Cu were investigated. The results show that solid solution occurred in the sintered W-Mo skeleton. W-Mo-Cu composites have dense structure and uniform component, and perform higher strength and lower density compared with W-Cu. The components and properties of W-Mo-Cu can be adjusted continuously between W-Cu and Mo-Cu. W-Mo-Cu composites is an alternative material to be used in similar environment instead of W-Cu and Mo-Cu composites.

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