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Stereological Approach To Describing The Microstructure Of SiC- And WC-Based Hard Materials

  • : Osmakov, A1
  • : 1Virial Ltd
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


The engineering of the actual microstructure in ultrahard materials is an important part of the processing technology development aimed at obtaining advanced ceramics with required parameter levels. This paper aims to establish a universal stereological criterion for two-phase microstructural organization, without model limitations. The subjects studied were reaction bonded SiSiC and cemented carbide WC ?Co. Their main microstructural features are a carbide grain skeleton and a binder phase that has a special function in each of materials. For qualimetry evaluation of such microstructures we suggest to use a complex parameter Z that shows good correlation with the strength characteristics and reflects the effects of both main microstructure features.

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