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Porous Titanium Dental Implants Fabricated Using Metal Injection Molding

  • : Kyogoku, Hideki1
  • : 1Kinki University
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


The porous titanium implants were tried to fabricate by metal injection molding process. Gas-atomized Ti powder and PMMA powders of various mean particle diameters between 20 and 185 �m were used. The pore size was approximately proportional to the diameter of PMMA powder. The relative density and tensile strength of the sintered compact decreased with increasing the mean particle diameter of PMMA powder. The tension and compression tests were performed to examine the mechanical properties of the porous sintered compacts. The tensile strength of the porous sintered compact added 30 vol.%PMMA of diameter of 185 �m was around 300 MPa. It was found that the strength of the porous compact decreases with increasing the amount of addition of PMMA powder. The design of dental implants was investigated by using a FEM analysis. As a result, the porous dental titanium implants were successfully fabricated by metal injection molding process.

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