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Sintering Effects on Physical Properties of Bovine Hydroxyapatite (BHA)-Al2O3-Commercial Inert Glass (CIG) Ternary Composites

  • : Salman, S1
  • : 1Marmara University
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Bovine bone derived hydroxyapatite powders were doped by Al2O3 (15%) and CIG (10%) powders. At the four sintering temperatures (1000-1100-1200-13000C) and two different sintering times (2-4 hours), mechanical properties of (BHA)-Al2O3-CIG composites were investigated. Density, porosity, % shrinkage rates, hardness and compression strengths of composites were determined. Experimental results show that mechanical properties of composites increase with ascending temperatures until 1200oC and then rapidly decrease due to over-sintering for sintered at 1300oC. Best mechanical properties were obtained for sintered at 1200oC for 2h.

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