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Synthesis and Characterization of Aluminium Foams Made by the Powder Metallurgy Route

  • : Paulin, I1
  • : 1Institute of Metals and Technology
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Production of aluminum foams by the powder-metallurgy process depends on the preparation of pre-cursors. In general, pre-cursors consist of compacted metallic powder that is sintered at a pre-determined temperature. Due to high temperature of sintering, foaming agent decomposes into a solid component that is built into the matrix material, and a gas component that causes foaming of the matrix material. Powder metallurgy is a method for making close-cell foams and it is the best selection, especially for the production of net-shape parts, providing excellent quality of end products. In our research work, powders, precursors and foams, made from different metallic powders (Al 99.7 % purity, AlSi12 alloy) with different foaming agents (TiH2, CaCO3, CaMg(CaCO3)2), were examined with different analytical techniques.

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