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Effect of Nano-Yttria Addition on the Properties of WC/Co Composites

  • : El-Kady, O1
  • : 1CMRDI
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Nano-grained Yttria additions to WC/Co based composites have the potential to replace standard materials for tools, dies and wear parts because of their increased hardness and toughness. By means of particle size reduction, the fracture toughness of WC/Co can be increased significantly. This work aims at processing and sintering of composites from WC/Co and 5-20 Wt% nano-grained yttria. The composite mixtures were mixed, formed and sintered at 1450 oC under vacuum. The properties of these composites in terms of densification parameters, fracture toughness, and hardness were measured. The microstructure was correlated with changes of these properties. Through this addition, results explored a significant development in the properties. However, the density decreases with the increase of Nano-yttria content.

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