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Densification, Microstructure and Thermal Properties of TiCN-WC-Ni-Co-Cr Alloys Used in Hot Rolling Applications

  • : Sanchez, J M1
  • : 1CEIT
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


The densification of TiCN-WC-Cr-Ni cermets has been analysed by means of dilatometry and calorimetry. Shrinkage phenomena, both in solid and liquid phase, are enhanced by the Cr additions. Carbothermal reduction of oxides is observed to occur at much lower temperatures for high Cr contents. The dissolution of the different additives used in the powder mixtures and the rim formation also depend on the amount of Cr added. Thus, TiC and WC dissolution occurs at lower temperatures as the Cr content increases. In all cases the rim formation requires the presence of a liquid phase.

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