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Deformation Analysis of Complex Shaped Ti-MIM Parts by Digital Image Measurement

  • : Nishiyabu, K1
  • : 1Kinki University
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


This study aims to demonstrate the usefulness of digital image measurement for the optimization of manufacturing condition and the quality management of MIM parts. New types of measuring systems were used to measure the 3D coordinate and strain field of Ti-MIM parts with very complex shape. Debinding and sintering were carried out under three types of setting conditions: 1) laying and 2) standing on Al2O3 plate, and 3) embedding in Al2O3 powder. The effects of the setting condition on the shape of sintered parts could be clarified quantitatively and visually by the digital image measurement. Also the difference in shape between the measured data of sintered parts and the 3D-CAD data could be visualized, and less-visible flaw mark could be detected easily. Thus it is concluded that the digital image measurement has a great potential to inspect precisely the shape error and strain field of complex shaped MIM parts under loading.

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