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Development of a Digital Radiographic Inspection Technique for Production Friendly Quality Assessment of Powder Metallurgy Parts

  • : Ponomarev, M1
  • : 1Brunel Innovation Centre
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Sintered powder metallurgy parts are one of the most energy and material efficient forms of net-shape production, particularly, for automotive industry. Powder metallurgy allows for repeatable mass production which makes it unique. However, it is a well known common issue that the quality of sintered parts can be variable. There can be typically around 5% scrap rate in existing PM manufacturing lines. The target approach in this study will allow inspection of PM parts, notably sintered, ideally in line with production to increase the quality of output batch and reduce scrap, as much as possible. An important part of the inspection system based on digital radiography will require an advanced data processing system for pattern recognition and feature characterisation. For this, the whole chain of the pattern recognition process will be considered starting from building representative reference data set, image quality assessment, selecting regions of interest, applying advanced SP techniques for noise reduction, contrast enhancement and image segmentation. It is expected to utilise modern image processing and pattern recognition techniques such as moving windows, greedy pursuit, active shape model and compare with traditional cross-correlation and distance template matching. It is anticipated that the developed quality control system will be versatile for adoption by notably the wider powder metallurgy community amongst other industry sectors, and particularly the pattern recognition capability will be useful for integration in different image processing and automation systems.

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