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Preliminary NDT Investigation of Sintered Powder Metallurgy Parts by High-Resolution TDI Based X-ray Digital Radiography

  • : Iovea, M1
  • : 1Accent Pro 2000 srl
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Sintered ferrous Powder Metallurgy (PM) components are typically intricate and complex in shape as well as having internal granularity, thus making them very challenging components for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) evaluation. We are presenting the preliminary experiments of AutoInspect project system, a new inspection approach using high-resolution X-ray digital radiography based on a Time Delay Integration (TDI) X-ray detector, with an individual pixel size of 54 �m. This is a low-cost approach for in-situ automated X-ray NDT inspection, which allows a very short scanning time per part, on average approximately 1-2 seconds. In this paper, preliminary studies have been carried out on designed test specimens and PM components. The resultant X-ray images are presented together with the analysis software package features, emphasising some internal irregularities and flaws of the inspected samples.

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