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Effect of Argon on HIP Parts, Permissible Value and Concentration Determination

  • : Hofer, B1
  • : 1Hofer Material and Marketing Consultancy
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2012


Normally Argon gas is used as a pressure medium in a HIP process and, in special cases, for powder atomization. Argon is a noble gas and does not react with other elements. The adverse effect on the heat treatment, characteristics and welding processes if the Argon gas exceeds a critical level during densification of parts will be discussed. Capsule leaks before and during the HIP process allows the infiltration of Argon. Possible countermeasures will be demonstrated how to prevent and eliminate the risk of Argon in the HIP parts. The detection of Argon in the parts is not a standard process and will be explained. Different Argon levels will be compared with the metallographic samples and the influence of a heat treatment will be described.

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