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Simulation and Calculation of Binder and Powder Relative Transference Rate Under PIM

  • : V.A. Dovydenkov, O.S. Zvereva
  • : Hanomet Ltd
  • : 2013, Vol 1, p. 317-322
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2013


Under direct, cast and injection moulding of powder mixes and binder the relative transference of blend components is to be minimum, otherwise local changes of blend (MIM feedstocks) concentration may occur which will result in shrinkage irregularity, cavity and crack formation. The method to calculate the rate of relative transference of powder particles and binder when the blend is moving in the openings is proposed in the present paper. It has been shown that irregularity of pressures in the opening is a driving force of such transferences. When developing the model we assumed that binder viscosity is subject to Newton’s law, ratio of particle transference rate and resistance force are subject to Stokes’ law, diameter of powder particles is much smaller than the diameter of the opening.

It has been stated that under said above assumptions, powder transference rate (u) relative to binder does not depend on viscosity of the binder and it is proportionate to value of ratio of particle diameter squared (d) to quad (S) of the opening (u~d^2/S^2 ).

Knowing moulding time it is possible to calculate the value of particle transference relative to binder and to evaluate connected with this transference composition irregularity value of the moulded product.


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