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Hot Explosive Consolidation of Nanostructured Cu-W Composites

  • : A. B. Peikrishvili 1, G. I. Mamniashvili 2, B. Godibadze 1, E. Sh. Chagelishvili 1, T. Gegechkori 2, M.V. Tsiklauri 1
  • : 1 Tsulukidze Institute of Mining and Technology, 2 Andronikashvili Institute of Physics at Tbilisi State University
  • : 2013, Vol 2, p. 37-42
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  • : 2013


Copper-(10-40) wt % tungsten powder blends were consolidated into cylindrical rods using the hot explosive consolidation (HEC) process. Different types of Cu-W precursor compositions with a nanometer-scale W were consolidated to near theoretical density under 1000 C. The shock wave loading intensity was about 10 GPa. The investigations showed that the combination of high temperatures below 1000 °C and a two-stage shock wave processing is beneficial to the consolidation of Cu-(10-40) % W composites, resulting in high densities, good integrity and good electrical properties. The structure and properties of the samples depended on the distribution and amount of the precursor W particles.


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