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The Shrinkage of CoCrMo Beads During Sintering

  • : Daniel Rodrigues 1, Suzilene R. Janasi 2, Catia Fredericci 3, Marcos F. de Campos 1, José A. de Castro 1
  • : 1 1EEIMVR–Federal Fluminense University, Brazil, 2 BRATS, 3 CTPP – IPT
  • : 2013, Vol 3, p. 259-264
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2013


CoCrMo prosthesis (wrought or as cast) are usually coated with mono-layers of CoCrMo beads (spherical metallic particles) to improve osseointegration throughout the increase of surface area. In order to establish a tridimensional physical model of the coating, cylindrical samples were produced by pressing and sintering. As sintering was carried out in a dilatometer, the linear shrinkage was evaluated. Variables as heating rate and sintering temperature were investigated. Physical properties of the sintered samples were determined. The neck growth was evaluated considering the sintering variables. Microstructural aspects of the sintered samples are presented and discussed.


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