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Design of Rolling Tools for Rolling Densification of PM Gears

  • : Eva Gräser1, Markus Brumm1, Fritz Klocke1
  • : 1WZL of RWTH Aachen University
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


Pressed and sintered powder metallurgical gears have a lower strength compared to forged and machined gears. The gear strength at the highly stressed surface increases with increasing surface density. For this rolling is used. In order to achieve a high gear and surface quality, a suitable combination of rolling tool geometry, blank geometry and process parameters has to be found. Considering the surface quality, tool design offers the highest potential for improvement. This paper will compare two tool geometries for one gear design by experimental trials. The theoretical analysis includes comparisons of contact geometry and contact kinematics. This allows to abstract and to compare the different processes. The experimental trials are compared by gear quality and roughness measurements as well as metallographic cuts. In this paper the influence of different tool designs on the properties of rolled powder metallurgically manufactured gears is experimentally investigated.

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