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Design of Ti microstructure by addition of ceramic particles by Colloidal Techniques

  • : Roberto Garcia1, Begoña Ferrari2, Antonio Javier Sanchez2, Elena Gordo1
  • : 1University Carlos III, 2Institute for ceramic and glass
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


The addition of ceramic particles to Ti powders can help to control the microstructure of sintered parts by restraining the grain growth during sintering. The first issue to deal with is the need to achieve a homogeneous distribution of the ceramic particles to avoid the agglomeration often observed in metal-ceramic materials. In this work, colloidal techniques are proposed to introduce 1 %wt of alumina, ytria and zircon in the compositions. Aqueous suspensions of titanium (10 µm) and ceramic particles (<0.5 µm) are produced using the proper additives to control the viscosity. The suspensions are atomised by spray-dry to obtain “ready to press” spherical agglomerates with sizes between 50 - 300 µm, which present good compressibility and permit the improvement of the sintering behaviour at low temperatures, leading to reduced grain size. The sintered samples were characterized by measuring density, hardness and microstructure analysis by SEM.

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