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  • : Akaki Peikrishvili1, Bagrat Godibadze2, Elguja Chagelishvili1, Merab Tsiklauri1, Avtandil Dgebuadze1, Laszlo J.Kecskes3
  • : 1G.Tsulukidze Mining Institute, 2G.Tsulikidze Mining Institute, 3US Army Research Laboratory
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


Different precursors of refractory nanostructural W-Ag composites were consolidated into cylindrical billets by hot explosive consolidation (HEC) method. Different types of compositions with a nanoscale W phase (100 & 150nm) and coarse matrix phase Ag (5µ) were consolidated to near theoretical density under and above of melting point of silver up to 1000oC. The intensity of loading in all experiments was under 10 GPa; The combination of high temperatures and two stage explosive densification processes was found to be beneficial to the consolidation of the nanostructural W-Ag composites, resulting in high densities, good integrity, and good electronic properties. The structure and property of the samples depends on the value of consolidation temperature and dimension of consolidated particle sizes. It was established that for the W-Ag based composites application of high temperature and consolidation of precursors near melting point of silver 940oC gives good result and samples without cracking, high value of density and uniform distribution of consisting phases were obtained. The above mentioned and other features of structure/property relationship in depending on phase content (5-50%Ag) and consolidation conditions, as well as the HEC technique will be presented and discussed.

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