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Application of metallic powder materials for pulsed electromagnetic field shielding

  • : Viktors Mironovs1, Vjaceslavs Lapkovskis2, Matthias Kolbe3, Vjaceslavs Zemcenkovs2
  • : 1Riga Techncial University, 2Riga Technical University, 3West Saxony University of Applied Sciences
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


Pollution by pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) is a collateral effect of many technological operations, where pulsed electromagnetic processes are employed. For instance, in case of direct current and impulse welding systems, magnetic-pulsed processing (metal sheets and powders fast forming), and various electric discharge equipment (e.g. thyristors) a frequency range of such fields is between 0.5 to 300 kHz with impulse duration is from milliseconds to microseconds. Energy of such impulses may reach 200.0 kJ and even more. In order to protect personnel and equipment against interference of pulsed electromagnetic fields various materials with shielding effectiveness are used. In this work, the shielding screens made of metal powders and cellular metals as well as a technology of its manufacturing are presented.

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