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Role of mechanical pressure during spark plasma 125 of Fe-50Co alloy on microstructure and magnetic properties

  • : Jeremy Hall1, Mahesh Mani1, Giuseppe Viola2, Michael Reece2, Samuel Evans1
  • : 1Cardiff University, 2Queen Mary University of London
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


Completely disordered Fe-50Co alloy powder, produced by gas atomisation, was consolidated in a spark plasma sintering furnace at 900oC. A minimum applied mechanical pressure of 7 MPa was maintained throughout the sintering cycle to enable good electrical and thermal contact. The effect of application of mechanical pressure was studied by increasing the pressure at two different stages during the heating process (at 450 and 750oC) from 7 MPa to 80 MPa. The mechanical pressure of all the samples was maintained at 80 MPa at 900oC for 2 minutes and was released at 73 MPa/min during cooling. A consistent and significant reduction in the coercivity was observed when the pressure was increased from 750oC compared with those from 450oC, which coincided with an increased volume fraction of nanocrystalline ordered antiphase domain structures.

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