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High Velocity Wave Compacting of Powders at High Voltage Pulse Consolidation

  • : Evgeny Grigoryev1, Eugene Olevsky2, Artem Yudin1, Maria Yurlova1
  • : 1NRNU MEPhI, 2San Diego State University
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


The densification of conductive powders by high voltage electric pulse consolidation (HVEPC) is studied. HVEPC includes a simultaneous exposure of a mechanical pressure and a short high voltage pulse electric current to a powder sample. The densification of an industrial iron powder is analyzed by high-speed filming under different amplitudes of the pulse current and pressure. The compaction process lasts less than 16 ms for all the values of the studied parameters. The brevity of the densification process in comparison with the cooling provides a constant temperature of the sample throughout the entire compaction process. The consolidation process occurs at a constant speed of the punches until they stop. The experimental results show an increase the densification rate and the final density of the consolidated material with increasing the pulse current amplitude up to a certain value.

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