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Reliable performance data for PM gears - A holistic approach

  • : Björn Leupold1, Vitali Janzen1, Thomas Schupp1
  • : 1GKN Sinter Metals Engineering GmbH
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


As a result of the recent years technical progress in net shape technologies for gears, like powder metallurgy and forming, the acceptance of the gear industry as well as of the OEM’s to make use of these alternative production methods has been increased. On the other hand the design engineers who are familiar with conventional manufacturing methods and materials have still difficulty in ranking the performance of a PM gear to a wrought steel gear. Already existing performance data from literature is mostly used just for rough estimating the performance of a powder metal gear as the testing parameters are not comparable at all. This paper shows the approach to generate reliable data as a tool for both design engineers of OEM’s and powder metal industry all over the world. Following, the second part describes the importance of holistic observation of all steps beginning with the manufacturing to testing and analysis of powder metal gears as well as first results of this approach. Finally, some strategies for improving the performance of lean alloyed powder metal gears (lower cost) are shown.

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