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Adapted heat treatment of Selective Laser Melted materials

  • : Bey Vrancken1, Karolien Kempen1, Lore Thijs2, Jean-Pierre Kruth1, Jan Van Humbeeck1
  • : 1KU Leuven, 2LayerWise NV
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


Standardized heat treatments have been defined to obtain optimal properties of cast or wrought metal components. Up to now, these heat treatments are applied to additively manufactured components as well. However, the microstructure obtained after Selective Laser Melting (SLM) is radically different from that after casting or forging and therefore, classical heat treatments may not lead to an optimal result. Short laser-powder interaction times and localized high heat input during SLM lead to steep thermal gradients, rapid solidification and fast cooling. These conditions create fine, metastable microstructures. In this research, the response to heat treatment of Ti6Al4V, AlSi10Mg and 18Ni300 maraging steel parts produced by SLM is investigated for different parameter sets. Adjusted values for time, temperature and cooling rate to obtain higher ductility (Ti6Al4V) and higher hardness (AlSi10Mg, 18Ni300 maraging steel) are proposed.

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