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Compaction and Densification Behavior of Titanium Hydride Powder

  • : Sergio Petroni1, Eduardo Galvani2, Carlos Alberto Cairo1, Cassia Girotto3, Vinicius Henriques1
  • : 1Institute of Aeronautics and Space, 2Technological Institute of Aeronautics, 3Federal University of Sao Paulo
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


The use of hydride powders in titanium powder metallurgy is a cost effective alternative since the dehydrogenation of powders occurs along with the vacuum sintering process. In this study, compaction and densification behavior of titanium hydride powder were investigated. Compaction behavior was well represented by a theoretical model developed for titanium powders, which accurately describes the mechanisms of rearrangement and deformation of powder particles. Densification of green compacts was favored by the release of hydrogen atoms during sintering, resulting in sintered density values higher than those obtained for titanium hydride-dehydride. The use of an admixed lubricant significantly improved the ejection of green compacts with no evidence of contamination by interstitial elements.

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