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Compound Materials by PM-HIP

  • : Karin Frisk1, Chunhui Luo1, Sophie Caddeo Johansson1, Sven Haglund1, Niklas Petterson1, Ingemar Strandell2
  • : 1Swerea KIMAB, 2AB SKF
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


There are many applications where compound materials can be of interest, for example when different properties are needed in different parts of a component. Compound materials can be produced by PM-HIP. One aspect that should be considered in the design is the quality of the interface between the two different material compositions. Diffusion during HIP can cause formation of brittle phases in the interface, or deteriorate properties by diffusion of alloying elements. The present work shows results from a study where different steel types were joined (quench and temper steel/air hardening steel/bearing steel with a tool steel/corrosion resistant martensitic steel). The evaluation was performed by computational predictions and by small scale HIP experiments that were evaluated by microstructure analysis and chemical analysis.

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