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Using of Rapid Sinter Pressing for densification of two or multi-metal combinations and impact on microstructure and functional properties

  • : Erich Neubauer1, Michael Kitzmantel, Thomas Wilfinger, Gottfried Kladler
  • : 1RHP-Technology GmbH
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


Direct hot pressing as well as Spark Plasma Sintering are rapid densification methods which allow a fast compaction of powders. Here cycle times are typically in the range of minutes to hours. By using a Rapid Sinter Pressing (RSP) process the densification of powders can be done in seconds. By using fast processing in combination with a compaction pressure of up to 150 MPa (which is 3-5 times higher compared to standard hot pressing) it is possible to have a certain control on microstructure as well as a control on reactions between the different constituents which are used. The first part of this paper shows the successful use of the rapid sinter pressing technology for densification of pure titanium. A binary metal combination of Ti-Al was studied with focus on the effect of rapid processing on microstructure, hardness as well as functional properties such as thermal conductivity.

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