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SiC-Ti composites fabricated by pulsed electric current 125

  • : Tomas Kubatik1, Radek Musalek1, Tomas Chraska1, Jiri Kotlan1, Zdenek Pala1, Monika Vilemova1, Vlastimil Brozek1
  • : 1Inst. of Plasma Physics ASCR
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


Combining lightweight titanium alloys with hard ceramic particles could bring about materials with high specific strength and stiffness for structural applications and with excellent wear resistance at the same time. In this work, coarse silicon carbide particles were used as the hard ceramic phase in lightweight titanium. Conventional powder metallurgy methods of consolidation titanium and silicon carbide leave residual porosity and are prone to silicides formation. Initially, coarse grained SiC particles were coated by titanium in a modified microwave-assisted PVD device. The titanium-coated SiC particles were then consolidated by pulsed electric current sintering (PECS). Utilization of high heating rates in PECS leads to shorter consolidation time and lower consolidation temperature. Formation of silicides and ω phase in titanium are thus minimized while the final composite density is close to its theoretical value. Resulting composite material was characterized in terms of its microstructure, phase composition, and mechanical properties.

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