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Production and Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Ti-Nb-Ta-Mn Alloys foams for biomedical applications

  • : Claudio Aguilar1, Danny Guzman2, Paula Rojas3, Sheila Lascano1, Carolina Guerra1, Mariette Arancibia1
  • : 1Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, 2Universidad de Atacama, 3Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso
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  • : 2014


Titanium alloys are widely used in biomedical applications, because of their excellent balanced properties between mechanical and bio-functional. Development of titanium foams for an implant with low Young’s modulus has achieved scientific and technological attention. Nanocrystalline titanium based alloys were produced by mechanical alloying using a planetary mill. This work study the effect of Manganese (Mn) on mechanical properties in compression of Ti-13%Ta-30%Nb-x%Mn (x: 2 and 6 wt.%) foam. Foams were obtained using ammonium hydrogen carbonate (40 and 60%v/v) as space-holder with a mean particle size of 35 m. Powders and space-holder were mixed and uniaxial pressing was performed at 430 MPa of compaction pressure. To remove the space holder from the matrix the green compacts heated to 180°C for 1.5 h and after sintered at 1300°C for 4 h in Ar atmosphere. The Young´s Modulus is smaller compared with the pure Ti value, and the yield strength was increases with the amount of Mn. Finally, the Gibson-Ashby Model is applied to predict the mechanical properties of titanium foams.

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