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Interface observation of iron based metallic glassy powder in pressurized liquid phase sintered compacts

  • : Noriharu Yodoshi1, Rui Yamada1, Akira Kawasaki1, Akihiro Makino1
  • : 1Tohoku University
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


Although Fe-based bulk metallic glasses have an outstanding association of magnetic, electric, mechanic and anti-corrosion properties, of great interest in advanced electro-magnetic and electronic applications, their use is still limited by the high brightness at ambient temperature and difficulties in processing to near-net shapes and useful dimensions through classical methods due to the high thermodynamic instability. Researches presented in this paper investigate the possibility of Powder Metallurgy application for overcoming these drawbacks. Liquid phase sintering under pressure, [(Fe0.5Co0.5)0.75Si0.05B0.2]96Nb4 glassy ferromagnetic powders obtained by atomization from melt with high enough cooling rate, respectively eutectic Al-32.5wt.%Cu alloy of melting point within the stability temperature of processed glassy powder, have been adopted to assure good consolidation while preserving powder amorphous structure, as well as a crystalline phase formation to improve ductility. Properties of obtained material - near full density, good magnetic properties, compression strength higher than of hardened steels – prove the method viability.

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