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Obtaining Al80Fe10Ti10 amorphous powder by wet mechanical milling

  • : Gabriel Gherasim1, Gyorgy Thalmaier2, Niculina Sechel, Silvia Suta2, Petru Pascuta2, Ioan Vida-Simiti
  • : 1Technical University of Cluj Napoca, 2Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


The amorphous alloys have superior mechanical properties than crystalline Al alloys and therefore they are good candidates for obtaining ultra light alloys with special properties. By mechanical milling in the high-energy ball mills one can obtain amorphous aluminum alloys, starting from elemental powders, even in systems having a limited glass forming ability. The purpose of this work was to study the amorphisation of the Al80Fe10Ti10 (% at.) alloy by wet mechanical milling. We started from a stoichiometric ratio of Al (purity 99.9, % particle size < 250 μm, commercially available Fe powder (NC 100.24 type) and Ti (purity 99.5 %, particle size 150 – 250 μm. The milling was performed in hardened steel vials and balls in argon atmosphere using benzene as a process control agent. The powder thus obtained was characterized by X-ray , SEM , DSC and particle size analysis.

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