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An investigation of models for estimating component 126 strength of sintered steels

  • : Michael Andersson1
  • : 1Höganäs AB
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


For many PM components, such as gears, the fatigue strength has a major impact on the application. Thus, reliable fatigue models that allow accurate estimates of the strength of a component already on the design stage are a key to maximize the potential of the materials. In this paper it is investigated how stress concentrations in fatigue of a heat treated diffusion bonded alloy, Distaloy AQ, can be accounted for. Various models, such as fracture mechanics and gradient methods are investigated. The starting point is material data is generated on fatigue test bars, which is used to estimate the tooth root bending fatigue strength of a gear. Next the gears are fatigue tested and the results compared to the estimated values.

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