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Sintered composite materials on the basis of Fe/FePO4 coated powders

  • : Eva Dudrova1, Margita Kabatova2
  • : 1Institute of Materials Research SAS Kosice , 2Institute of Materials Research SAS Kosice
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


On the basis of Fe/FePO4 coated powders the composite materials with homogeneous network microstructure consisting of α-Fe areas surrounded by continuous layer of iron phosphate glass and crystalline compounds were prepared. The essence of the creation of such a microstructure is the existence of eutectic phase in Fe-P-O system during the sintering. Precipitation coated Fe/(2-5wt.%)FePO4 powders with spherical and/or irregularly shaped iron particles were sintered at 912, 930, 980, 1075, and 1120°C, resp. The results showed that a sufficiently heating rate, the rapid rise of the liquid phase and rapid cooling suppress the development of diffusion processes and, consequently, the formation of Fe/Fe metallic connections. Microscopic analysis showed that the appropriate combination of the coating content and sintering temperatures enables to achieve an even and continuous layer of iron phosphate layer with a thickness less than 900-1000 nm, for both spherical and irregularly shaped Fe particles. The microscopic observation was correlated with processing conditions, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

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