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Powder-Binder Segregation: PIM-Simulation at breakthrough

  • : Götz Hartmann1, Marco Thornagel1
  • : 1SIGMA Engineering GmbH
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


Four years ago molding simulation for PIM realized its first breakthrough as the accurate simulation of feedstock flow had its debut in standard industrial environments. Since then, lots of MIM companies succeeded in developing and optimizing tools and molding processes based on simulation results. Mold iterations are reduced while green part quality is increased. Shortened molding cycles are achieved in parallel too. These benefits are realized although simulation had not yet a concrete answer on the most urgent issue in PIM: Powder binder segregation. The meantime was used well and the next breakthrough comes into reach for molding simulation. This paper describes the current state of developing a dedicated powder binder segregation model into a commercial molding simulation software. The PIM segregation model couples back onto viscosity and density. Thus the feedstock flow prediction is further improved while a fully new insight into part quality (green & sintered) is provided.

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