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Influence of a 125 regime on deformation behavior and densification of steel performs during sizing.

  • : VOLF LESHCHYNSKY1, HANNA WEINERT, TOMASZ Wisniewski, Marcin Lijewski, Daniel Andrzejewski
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  • : 2014


Mechanical behaviour of sintered P/M alloys is significantly influenced by the inherent porosity, which needs to be removed to a great extend. The present research work pertains to the study of the densification behaviour of sintered low alloy P/M steels during a cold deformation by upsetting. The investigation was performed to examine the densification and plastic deformation behaviour of the low alloy steel P/M performs sintered at 1120oC and at 1120oC with following isothermal treatment at 650-720oC. In the present study, the transformation kinetics of Astaloy Mo was carried out. The isothermal time temperature transformation diagrams are defined and Avrami-type equations are fitted to the measured data. Further, microstructural analysis was done on the cold worked preforms to correlate the deformation behaviour with the metallurgical structure of the steel. The isothermal treated PM steel performs exhibit the best densification and deformation behaviour under cold upsetting.

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