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X-Ray Imaging solutions for green and sintered PM parts NDT control

  • : Mihai IOVEA1
  • : 1Accent Pro 2000
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2014


The paper presents the implementation of a digital radiography in-line scanning system developed for X-ray imaging of green and sintered powder metallurgy (PM) parts. The automated scanning system boasts features to include a faster inspection than any current manual PM part inspection process, embedded time delay integration (TDI) detectors that allow continuous scanning of parts supplied by a conveyor belt, low noise X-ray images with resolution up to 20μm depending on the X-ray setup magnification, and an image analysis algorithm for automatic sentencing of good and bad parts. This work is part of a collaborative research endeavour called AutoInspect, in pursuit of new inspection techniques for reliable comprehensive in-situ inspection of PM components. The technique allows fast inspection and application of image processing for the detection of small cracks, flaws and density variations in-situ.

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