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Production of Powder Steels by Hot Forging in the Presence of Liquid Phase of Chromium Cast Iron Fusion

  • : Vladimir Dorofeyev1, Yury Dorofeyev1, Alexander Babets1, Tatyana Goncharova2, Roman Vodolazhenko3
  • : 1Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI), 2Rostov State University of Civil Engineering, 3Pyatigorsk branch of State Budget Institution of Higher Professi
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2015


The possibility of obtaining heterogeneous chromium powder steel from powder mixtures of iron and chromium white cast iron is studied. Iron powders with different contents of impurities were used as a base. Content of cast iron in the powder blend and modes of preforms heating prior to hot forging were varied. When hot forging in the solid phase cracks are formed in the particles of chromium cast iron and at the boundaries “Fe – chromium cast iron” and “Fe – nonmetallic inclusion”. The reason of the formation of cracks is the lack of adhesion at the interphase boundaries and oxidation of the surfaces of the particles of iron during heating and hot repression of blanks. Hot forging in the presence of a liquid phase and using an iron powder with a low content of impurities reduce the probability of cracking. The liquid phase wets the surface of the iron powder particles that improves adhesion and prevents oxidation. The mechanical properties of the samples obtained by hot forging in the presence of the liquid phase significantly higher than the corresponding analogs characteristics obtained by forging in solid phase.


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