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Nanostructured WC-Co hardmetal as reference material for high hardness range

  • : Tamara Aleksandrov Fabijanić1, Željko Alar1, Johannes Pötschke2
  • : 1Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Univer, 2Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems, IKTS
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2015


Preliminary reference Vickers hardness blocks were developed in order to ensure measurement traceability for the hardness values of approximately 2000 HV, as well as to enlarge the spectrum of materials and processes of manufacture. Reference Vickers hardness blocks were consolidated by sinter-HIP process in one cycle. Newly developed tungsten carbide nano powder with an average grain size of dBET=150 nm and a specific surface area (BET) of 2.5 m2/g was used as starting material for the production of nanostructured hardmetal. The achieved superior properties reduce hardness non-uniformity of the block surface, measurement uncertainty of reference Vickers hardness block calibration and consequently the measurement of hardness in general.


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