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A novel method to homogeneously disperse Graphene nanoplateletes in Aluminium matrix

  • : Abdollah Saboori1, Matteo Pavese1, Claudio Badini1, Mehran Dadkhah1
  • : 1Politecnico Di Torino
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2015


In recent years, graphene nanoplatelets has attracted considerable research interest in all fields of science due to its unique properties. Its excellent mechanical properties lead it to be used in nano-composites for strength enhancement.Though CNT/Al composites are widely investigated, but still uniform dispersión of CNTs is a big challenge for the researchers ,which prohibit its use in practical applications.Graphene Nanoplatelets(GNPs) which are two dimensional structure can be dispersed in all kinds of solvents and matrices easily as compared to CNTs. Therefore, we are confident to replace the CNT/Al composite by GNPs/Al composite in future using different techniques. Our novel nano-processing route is free of ball milling. As ball milling is considered a big problem because it produces heat, which can burn powder easily. Therefore, our method can be an alternative of ball milling and it has a great potential for synthesis of Al based matrix nano-composite which is considered good for engineering applications. In this paper, the authors had successfully produced Al-0.5wt.% GNPs composite powders free from dispersion problems associated with CNTs, using a novel wet mixing method. The SEM analysis of the as-produced composite powders indicate that the GNPs in aluminum powders is quite well dispersed. The effect of GNPs on the hardness of the composite was evaluated by micro-hardness.


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