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Wettability Of WC By Liquid Co-based Binders In Hardmetals: Is It Complete For All Carbon Contents?

  • : Igor Konyashin1, Igor Konyashin2, Bernd Ries2, Alexander Zaitsev3, Evgeny Levashov3, Andrey Mazilkin4, Boris Straumal4, Sergey Konishchev
  • : 1Element6 GmbH, 2Element Six GmbH, 3National University of Science and Technology MISIS, 4Institute for Solid State Physics
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2016


Traditionally, it is believed that the wettability of WC by liquid Co-based binders is complete and independent of the carbon content; however, in all of the published works pure Co (not containing dissolved carbon and tungsten) was employed.A number of model Co-W-C alloys with different carbon contents simulating real binders of hardmetals were made. Samples of the model alloys were melted on WC substrates and the kinetics of liquid phase spreading were recorded by a video camera. The wettability of WC by the model alloys changes from complete (for the alloys with low carbon contents containing ?-phase) to incomplete (in the case of the high-carbon alloys containing free carbon, for which the wetting angle is 15°). The established fact of worse wettability of WC by binders with high carbon contents sheds light on the mechanism of binder migration phenomena during sintering of functionally graded hardmetals containing high-carbon surface layers.


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