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Processing Of An Al-Sc-Zr Alloy Via Spark Plasma Sintering And Hot Forging

  • : R.W. Cooke1, I.W. Donaldson2, D.P. Bishop1, G.A. Sweet1
  • : 1Dalhousie University, 2GKN Sinter Metals
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2016


Aluminum alloys that include scandium as the principal alloying addition maintain widespread industrial interest as they offer advantageous thermal stability coupled with a low inherent density.  Unfortunately, studies on these systems have been largely restricted to cast and wrought products to date.  In this research, atomized Al-Sc-Zr powder was processed through an advanced powder metallurgy sequence based on spark plasma sintering (SPS) followed by hot forging of the sintered preform.  Core experimental variables included the effects of powder particle size, SPS temperature, and the time of pressure application.  Ultimately, full density products with desirable mechanical properties were achieved over a range of processing conditions.  The most desirable product was fabricated using a coarse cut of powder that was SPSed at 500°C and hot forged at 450°C.  This material offered a balanced suite of tensile properties (YS=214MPa; UTS=250MPa; Elong.=9.9%) with relatively low levels of residual oxygen (190ppm) and hydrogen (4ppm) impurities.


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