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FeAlCr/Al2O3 Powder For Oxidation Resistant Thermal Spray Coatings

  • : Tatiana Talako1, Piotr Vitiaz2, Alexander Ilyushchenko1, Andrew Letsko1, Nicholai Parnitsky1, Margarita Yakovleva3
  • : 1Powder Metallurgy Institute, 2National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 3Institute for Problems of Materials Science of Ukraine
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2016


The structure and properties of FeAlCr/Al2O3 powder produced by mechanically assisted self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (MASHS) using aluminothermic reactions and of the detonation sprayed (D-gun) coatings from it have been investigated. The powder has sufficiently uniform composite structure consisting of alloyed with chromium ordered B2-FeAl and fine inclusions of ?-Cr and ?-Al2O3. D-gun coatings from the powder mainly inherit its structure and phase composition though some chromium oxidation takes place during spraying. Microhardness of the powder and coatings is 1.7-4.6 and 5.9-6.1 GPa, respectively. The oxidation behavior of D-gun coatings is discussed. Fine inclusions of ?-Cr, Cr2O3 and ?-Al2O3 are supposed to accelerate the protective film formation suppressing nucleation and growth of iron oxides and ?-Al2O3 in the temperature range 500-950 °C.


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