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High Pressure Sintering Of Aluminium-Matrix Composites Modified With Schungite Carbon And Corundum

  • : Piotr Vityaz1, Alexander Ilyushchenko2, Vladimir Senyut2, Mikhail Kheifez3, Iryna Charniak2, Ruslan Kusin4, Dzmitry Zhehzdryn2
  • : 1NASB, 2Powder Metallurgy Institute, 3NPO Center, 4Belarusian State Agrarian Technical University
  • : PDF Download
  • : 2016


In this paper we have investigated the structure of aluminum alloys modified with additives of nanostructured shungite carbon or ultradispersed corundum after heat treatment under high pressure. In order to increase the chemical affinity for aluminum matrix we have performed chemical-thermal treatment of shungite powder and corundum in the medium of aluminum chlorides prior to high pressure sintering. As a result Al-modified additives such as Al-shungite and Al-Al2O3 have been obtained.

Structural studies of Al-modified additives have revealed that shungite-based additives represent conglomerates ranging from a few microns to several tens of microns in size. The alumina-based additive consists of particles ranging from 0.4 to 0.6 microns in size.  

It has been shown that introduction of additives of nanostructured shungite carbon or ultradispersed corundum with aluminum coating into aluminum matrix inhibits growth of the aluminum grains in the high temperature sintering region and increases microhardness of the composite material.


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